Joining Rovers


Rovers do a wide range of exciting activities, including…

The Black Knight Rover Crew is an active crew in the North-Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, which welcomes members with a wide range of experiences and interests.

The Crew and its Members actively participate and assist with Branch Events, such as attending the Bogong Rover Chalet Ski Weeks, Sandblast, Rover Retreat, and assist with many other events throughout the year. We encourage our members to gain their basic training in the Rover Section, to be better enabled with assisting with great crew activities.

Rovers is what you want to make of it, and we encourage you to have the best experience possible.

To join the Black Knight Rovers, attend three crew activities, then you’ll be asked to join the Crew. We’ll help you with the required paperwork and get you registered with Scouts SA.



You’ll make some great mates in Rovers, some that you’ll know for the rest of your life! We’re all here for a good time, and we’ll make sure that you’re having a good time too.


You’ll find yourself doing incredible things, such as roadtrips, National Moots, or even International Activities, like many other South Australian Rovers.


The Rover motto is ‘Service’. Provide service to the Scouting and Local community. Give back to your community through your Rovering.